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Prisunic Palazzo

A promise of a magnificent lifestyle in a pleasant, calm, and wholesome space Set within lush green environs Palazzo is a cluster of villas that symbolizes urban community Living at its best! At Palazzo, we have emphasized keeping the natural beauty intact. In the spacious 3 Bedroom/4 Bedroom luxury villas we have spared no effort in giving you every luxury, every convenience, and every comfort with open spaces for everyone. Each villa is surrounded by shrubs, trees, and flower-bearing plants with detailed attention given to making the landscapes visually stunning. Intricate detailing, thoughtful yet innate little touches and a subtle class make Prisunic Palazzo a truly magnificent home combining fast-paced modern living with the idyllic rustic charm of a rural environmentThe 10000 Sq.ft Clubhouse is placed in the sloping terrain of the northeast side of the site where it allows maximum wind and light to the amenities and develops a platform of leisure spaces to breathe and contriving a rotating crowd of villas.architectural project in calicut

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