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Arif and Associates, founded by award-winning architect Er. Arif in 1998, has evolved into a dynamic architectural firm in Calicut with over two decades of experience, a passionate team of 40+ professionals, and a portfolio of 1 million+ sq.ft of diverse projects. We stand as a symbol of architectural excellence and innovative design across South India, the Middle East, and expanding to the northern regions.

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Crafting Dreams with Creative Architectural Expertise

Arif and associates established in the year of 1998 by award winning architectural consultant in Calicut Er.Arif, with few employees and selected works in the heart of Calicut city with an ambitious approach towards the project received. From the beginning of the firm's establishment, Er.Arif, always believed that a good project could be built only with a great understanding of the client's emotions towards that project. The office now handles the project from a scale of 500 sq.ft with solid and simple attitude, at present the firm under the architectural consultant Arif Mohammed exceeded over 1 million sq.ft of dynamic and strong subjects with various typologies integrated with the exquisite landscape.

At the beginning of 2000 with decent design sense and better services, the credits about the firm's work started spreading all over the zone drastically and helped a lot to collaborate and interact with more sophisticated clients to deliver various good projects. As an architectural consultant in Calicut practices passion towards architecture always balanced with prominent functionality, it helped the firm to collaborate with corporates like VKC Group, Walkroo group, Prisunic Builders,Bismi Group,Azco Global, Markaz ,Oshin Hotels and various institutions.

Over 2 decades of handling various typologies like the living, hospitality, commercial and urban sectors, now the firm with a team of 40 + members including famous architects, engineers and project managers led by the architectural consultant in Calicut Arif Mohammed settled in a larger working studio in the core of the city. Arif and associates proudly stand up with mastery in total solutions in handling an architectural project.

Now with a drastic growth in the architecture and construction sector, the team handles over 150 projects at a time all over south India, middle east and introducing projects soon in the northern side of India as well. Arif Mohammed,leading architectural consultant strongly believes the people who supported to achieve more dynamic details to achieve substantial products. Delivering the architectural quality for the projects they do helps the firm to raise the growth level in every second of the productive time.

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