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The house is recreated with more green on its skin and cozy from its heart. The house was built inside a community housing compound with typical planning and structure of its own. It took almost 16 months by a team of famous residential architects in Calicut to remake the house as now. The enthusiasm behind upbringing and inviting the plants and green space defines the name 'house in Arboretum' well. The house has a normal facade that conveys the quality of the climate and even resists to more heat. It has an open plan where all the semiprivate spaces are connected to each other and make the circulation easy even for a newcomer. At present, its a home rather than a house were all the plants and living beings breathe along with the family. This residence settled in a gated residential architecture design of Calicut, underwent a redesigning exercise, to break the basic structural design of the home that earlier had a sloping roof feature, following the standard design of other homes in the community. The 16 months redesigning process turns out the look and feel of the house into an organic structure that celebrates the presence of nature. The cubical elevation makes an overt statement of being open and offers welcoming ambiance that is enhanced by natural light and air. The periphery of the house is embellished by the greens with a beautifully planned landscaped garden. This patch is planted with several trees, with one in the center that makes for a beautiful setting for sitting under the tree and indulging in a book or silently sipping evening tea. This garden space subtly gels with the ground floor through its form, while maintains a visual connect with the upper level. On entering the house, one lands into a spacious living room that shares a seamless connection with the garden through large windows. The internal spatial organization is defined in form of an open plan format. The dining area placed beside the kitchen, occupies the center of the floor and receives beautiful view of the garden.

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