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Veepees mansion is a renowned residential architecture project designed by residential architects in Calicut. Arif & Associates designed this 6 mansion architecture masterpiece with rich imaginative ideas. This is an ideal luxury for the Veepees fraternity. This is a 6 mansion built in a single compound for brothers who like a similar style of living.Our residential architects in Kozhikode used a schematic approach of understanding the context in which the northern side where the lake situates and acts as the substance for airflow and the main road on the southern side is kept as the main entrance towards the 5.5 Acres Wide property.This multi-family community housing architecture project designed by our residential architects is extended with a 90 thousand sq. ft buildup area. 6 mansions are of 12000 sq. ft each. A clubhouse that consists of a football turf court, a gym, a private theater, and a game center is another major attraction of this residential architecture project. An infinity pool finishes the architect's design. Such a living space can reflect the deep bond of every individual in the veepees family.

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