SALUS [2019]

This Residence is an overlook for us to the past. It is where being filled with gracious memories. the project evolved back in 2004 with an area of 3200 sq.ft. Years gone by controlling the aging of the residence it extended upto 7300 sq.ft.

At present, an outstanding renovation on a short time span of 3 months it stands out very well with a beautifully balanced landscape integrated with the residence. in a site area of 40 cents it was very well managed to occupy a 6100 sq.ft residence and 1200 sq.ft outhouse and the rest is managed for spacious parking and natural green landscape.

With a minimal and modern interior it was mandatory to retain the elevation as it is as per the mutual concern to reflect the past and effort made to build it. the teak shuttersthe extended portico and the beautifully carved balustrades are some shades which helps the residence to breath even now.The extension of the kitchen and private spaces towards the landscape helped the residence to sustain well and attached well with the greenery for an aged house over 14 years , with an extension of solving the lumen volume of the natural light was also a challenge Therefore, the designing concept is basically around the light as the prime concept of cracking the foyer ceiling helped the residence to attain more natural light towards the hall by a double height volume of the space. With less partition and semi visual breaker the formal spaces are well balanced with palacious interior. A defined space is something rather calls. The foyer acts as a center space with the formal living area and dining area are placed either sides with nattuzzi and primo furniture. The formal area is clean and stands out with its own attitude. The designer dining set is occupied with solid Burma teak wood with sleek marble finish table improvise the term of luxury to the higher side.

The hall is a station of artistry. With a high enthusiasm in artistry client was very specific regarding the paintings colour tones. The wooden console on bottom and a wooden ceiling on top divides a space of a series of pendant lights focuses on different directions which some focuses on the paintings as well to modify the colours into reality. With a span of 2.4 Mtr height a secondary and a private entrance from parking is provided as an entry towards the hall with a solid teak wooden sliding folding doors which access as a main light source to the hall.The passage to the light includes a common toilet with storage and db panel on either continues to reach at family living space. The clarity of this defined informal space completes with few tacky colors’ and sophisticated and cozy furniture’s. the folded wooden ceiling with customized fabric light attached on the top emphasizes the space well in terms of informality and balance in design.


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