CATEGORY: Commercial Architecture Project
AREA: 75000 SQ.FT
Oshin shopping mall architecture project consists of a concept of vertical louvers that came up in the first place for this architecture project. The cantilevered massing for the facade helps to break the heavy humid hot sunlight.

Simple and easy circulation fulfills a total built-up area of 75000 sq.† to the building. With multi-level parking occupies 100 car parking, a rooftop restaurant, hypermarket, and fashion store.

The building faces directly towards the primary national highway. It helps the public to use the mini plaza and take vehicular access easily from the main road. The beautifully landscaped plaza proposed for this project is one of its kind to make a 26 hours well-working public space.

The high ceiling lobby helps to give a sense of entry and brings a user a high volume visual experience. The recreational space on the 6th and top floor includes a multiplex theatre, food corner, game center, etc.

architectural project in calicut

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