AREA: 60000 SQ.FT

Curvy from its base to the top this 9 storey hotel meets its splendid character of sophisticated spaces. The double glazed facade of the building is one of its kind which is used to improvise the design of the building. The first layer got aluminum powder coated sections attached with sandblasted glass and the second layer carries parametric curvy fins connected to the section on the first layer emits light through both the bases. A double volume lobby, a vertical garden attached to the conventional hall, a spa, sauna, saloon as a different entity, and an infinity pool with gym and restaurant attached to it and the spaces go on with the high standard suite rooms and rooms facing towards the panoramic wide space of Calicut city. The I beam curved portico with safe surface cladded with natural stone are additional design feature added to control the massing as evolved from the ground.

architectural project in calicut

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